Full name of the program


Ars.Polis – Virtual City-State of Art, Artists and Art-Lovers



Duration of the program





Program description


What Ars.Polis, a virtual city-state of art, artists and art-lovers, mainly relies upon is the new information technology.


The possibilities made available to us (and not given to us as a present) through the development of the “electronic age” or, to be more precise, through the development of the very emblem of the electronic age i.e. the Internet, will be used to network and, in the long run, create an Internet (yet not limited to the web), trans-local and possibly trans-national COMMUNITY of individuals, a creative SPACE where different art DISCIPLINES meet and intertwine, and all MEDIA, all LANGUAGES blend into one i.e. the DIGITAL.


By encouraging education, cooperation and volunteer work we aim at avantgard forms of activity in the field of cultural and artistic practice or, in our own words, at creating a “solidarity network”.


WHETHER OR NOT the technical innovations will bring about a “digital revolution” in the real (positive?) sense of the word will depend exclusively on the awareness that particular social communities, interest groups and individuals have regarding the new technologies, the knowledge that they systematically develop, and in the end “revolutionarily” apply…



The basic idea


The word “city”, polis, had already in Homer’s period three different meanings. It sometimes describes an urban settlement, sometimes a political unit that represents a single state, sometimes only a group of citizens regarded as one body: the three meanings that can literally be translated using Latin words such as urbs, civitas and cives.


All three meanings reflect how the Ars.Polis, the city-state of art, was envisaged:





Through a symbolic union of the Latin word ars with the Greek word polis we wish to pay tribute to the vein and the artery of our civilization – the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.



Program objectives








Expected results




In the scope of the program we plan to release a multimedia DVD under the title of “Museum of Today” on a yearly basis.



Potential users


A)      The established and the non-established artists, those who have acquired a status and those who have not, the young and the young-in-spirit, the professionals and the amateurs… ALL who call themselves “artists”


B)      The art-lovers and the wider public